Friday, July 29, 2011

Yeah basically..., we needed it....

We found this note on our van, when we parked our van in Brooklyn.


  1. Good evening ladies! I saw your show at the Bowery Ballroom and I was blown away. Welcome home, to NYC! I'll be buying the new album for sure.

    Odd question but since I love your music so much I'll give it a shot: Are you looking for an artist/illustrator to help with any posters or promotional material? Feel free to check out my site if you are interested:

    No compensation is necessary...It would just be an honor to work creatively for an amazingly creative band!

    Peace from the east,

  2. any more upcoming shows in NYC? cibo matto is amazing!

  3. Hey, I went to the show in Brighton/Boston MA and it was AMAZING. I never thought I'd get to see you guys in concert, it really was a dream come true. Cibo Matto is probably my biggest artistic influence (even though my work is painting mostly). I just want to thank you for being such fantastic performers and wonderfully creative human beings.

    My art isn't that much like your music, but if you ever have time, check it out:

    Please come back to Boston! We were so happy to have you here with us :)

  4. You need to play to Hawaii, please! How about during a pitstop between Japan and the contiguous 48?

    Also noteworthy: Quite sure I just heard a sample from your Black Hole Sun remix in a Dove Soap commercial on Hulu...

  5. I LOVE YOU!!!
    Come to Denmark next summer! Please!

  6. All time favorite band. Please come to Kansas City, MO. NEED TO SEE!

  7. It must've been funny to see that note, especially that optimistic ' fuckin '! haha

  8. Yeah!

    Love, peace, music!

    Cibo Matto For Ever!

  9. You can park as close to my van as you want.... Just do another tooouuur! *sadface*