Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A memory of $16.99 CAD Pad Thai Noodle dish in Toronto


  1. the T in WTF is for Toronto?

    amazing show last night! thank you for coming to boston. my new shirt is great http://flickr.com/photos/mikrosopht/5960814567 who designed it?

    i mentioned wanting to do a video - here is a recent short film http://mikrosopht.godxiliary.com/LSD - let me know if you're interested. looking forward to the new jams!

    keep on


  2. Great show last night in Boston. Very much enjoyed it and looking forward to the new album!

  3. Hey Yuka,


    this is a recording of the show - i can't find an email address so I hope it's OK that i'm posting it publicly. if you have to delete this comment it's all good

    hope you dig

    great show the other day... it's pretty rad listening back to those new songs, really can't wait to hear the record. looking forward to the next boston show

    your biggest fan (i mean it)

  4. I saw you guys in DC the other night. The show was great, but getting to meet you was super awesome(even if it was for 2 seconds). You should sell shirts online. I bought a shirt at the show, but since it's autographed I might have to put it in a display instead of wearing it. I can't wait for the new album!!

  5. Will Yuko & Jesse be on the new album?

    Saw you in Chicago, good show.